Graphene-based wearables for health monitoring, food inspection and night vision — LiveScience.Tech

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Momentum grows for New York’s landmark climate-equity bill

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Treating Insomnia Improves Back Pain

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Japanese man vs 450 horsepower fan!

Japanese man vs 450 horsepower fan! Read more »

Metal Displacement: Zinc added to Lead Nitrate, forming Zinc nitrate and Lead trees!

Metal Displacement: Zinc added to Lead Nitrate, forming Zinc nitrate and Lead trees! Read more »

The winner of this year’s ‘Dance Your Ph.D.’ contest turned physics into art | Science

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Rarely Glimpsed Scaly Pangolins Caught Hugging Trees in the Dark

MUST VIEW Extremely unusual BRAND-NEW video footage of HUGE PANGOLINS in the wild. Pangolins – the world’s most trafficked mammals – are being pressed to termination. However... Read more »

Illinois Democrats ask Evers to review Foxconn plant impact

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Tricking rats with augmented reality unlocked a secret about our own brains

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Solar-Powered Supercapacitors Could Create Flexible, Wearable Electronics

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