Dinosaur-age landscapes lurk in Southern Hemisphere | Science

The red hematite mined for iron on Brazil’s Urucum plateau formed a cap that held back disintegration for countless years. PAULO VASCONCELOS Reaching the top of the Urucum plateau,... Read more »

How octopus arms make decisions — LiveScience.Tech

Scientist studying the habits and neuroscience of octopuses have actually long presumed that the animals’ arms might have minds of their own. A brand-new design existing in Bellevue, Washington... Read more »

Apple buys more self-driving car technology in latest deal

In this Saturday June 15, 2019 picture clients leave an Apple shop on the 3rd Street Boardwalk in Santa Monica, Calif. Apple has actually purchased a having a hard... Read more »

Mirror Anamorphic Cup & Saucer: endangered animals series

Mirror Anamorphic Cup & Dish: endangered animals series Read more »

Colorful Reduction of Cr3+ to Cr2+

Colorful Reduction of Cr3+ to Cr2+ Read more »

Air pollution can ruin the health benefits of 'walkable' neighborhoods

The strength of the health benefits that include living in a walkable location depend upon other ecological aspects, like air pollution. (Deposit Photos/) Residing in a walkable community, where... Read more »

Data visualization could reveal nature of the universe

A visualization revealing forecasts of what patterns of cosmic microwave background – radiation left over from the Huge Bang – would appear like in various universes, with the patterns... Read more »

Surrey Researchers Clear Runway for Tin Based Perovskite Solar Cells

GETTY IMAGES As nations seek to get to grips with environment modification, solar cell technology is quickly growing in appeal as an eco-friendly energy option. Many industrial photovoltaic panels... Read more »

Goalkeeper training

Goalkeeper training Read more »

Rising ‘Phoenix’ Aurora and Starburst Galaxies Light Up the Skies

Aurora outside the small cavern Credit: Copyright Sutie Yang In Seljalandsfoss, Iceland, on Jan. 8, 2019, Chinese professional photographer Sutie Yang captured an enchanting view of an aurora from... Read more »