The genes that make squid eyes also make your legs | Science

Koenig Laboratory PROVIDENCE—Looking a squid in the eye is strangely like searching in a mirror. Squids, octopuses, and other cephalopods are on an extremely various part of the tree... Read more »

A Solar Prominence Eruption from SDO

A Solar Prominence Eruption from SDO Read more »

A Sunken Soviet Sub Is Raising the Radioactivity of the Norwegian Sea 800,000-Fold. But Don;t Worry.

A Cold War Soviet nuclear submarine satisfied catastrophe 30 years earlier when it sank in the Norwegian Sea, causing the deaths of 42 sailors. But rather of lying... Read more »

Woman Dies After Being Impaled by Reusable Metal Straw

A woman in England passed away after falling onto a reusable metal straw, which pierced her head, and the terrible mishap has actually restored argument over restrictions on... Read more »

Quantum Sensor Breakthrough Using Naturally Occurring Vibrations in Artificial Atoms

Atomistic structure of an artificial atom that might be utilized to produce light with vibrationally supressed changes for quantum-enhanced sensing units. Gerhard Klimeck, Insoo Woo, Muhammad Usman, David S.... Read more »

Bubble rings collide underwater.

Bubble rings collide undersea. Read more »

Burning steel wool in oxygen inside a styrofoam cup

Burning steel wool in oxygen inside a styrofoam cup Read more »

The Big Dipper 100,000 BC – 100,00 AD (x-post from /r/woahdude)

The Big Dipper 100,000 BC – 100,00 AD (x-post from /r/woahdude) Read more »

Repurposed Drugs Could Cure These Antibiotic-Resistant Infections

Mohamed Seleem, a teacher of microbiology at Purdue, is studying whether FDA-approved drugs can deal with antibiotic-resistant infections. (Purdue University photo/Rebecca Wilcox) Download image With antimicrobial resistance growing, lots... Read more »

Anthrax-carrying flies follow monkeys through the forest | Science

Mark Bowler/Science Source Human Beings aren’t the just primates flies follow around. The bugs tail monkeys, too, according to a brand-new research study, and they can bring fatal pathogens... Read more »