Chinese scientist who produced genetically altered babies sentenced to 3 years in jail | Science

He Jiankui, at a Hong Kong conference in November 2018 where he provided his work, has actually not been seen in public ever since. ANTHONY KWAN/BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES He Jiankui,... Read more »

Happy Fibonacci Day (11/23)

Happy Fibonacci Day (11/23) Read more »

Does this belong here?

Does this belong here? Read more »

Single-celled organism (Blepharisma) disintegrates and dies

Single-celled organism (Blepharisma) disintegrates and dies Read more »

Glimpse this year’s magnificent tiny wonders caught on video

Humans might be animals of vision, however in general, our visual abilities sort of stink. So, we’ve utilized lenses—microscopic lens, macro cam accessories, and more—to extend our powers of... Read more »

[Xpost from /r/gifs] Some geostationary satellites photographed last night

[Xpost from /r/gifs] Some geostationary satellites photographed last night Read more »

The Decade in Astronomy: These Space Discoveries Shaped the 2010s

As the 2010s ended, it’s time to review how a few of the greatest space science stories shaped the decade. From the increase of TESS to flybys of Pluto... Read more »

Women with single dose of HPV vaccine gain similar protection as multiple doses

IMAGE: Study authors Ashish Deshmukh, PhD, MPH; and Kalyani Sonawane, PhD. see more  Credit: Photo by Maricruz Kwon/UTHealth A brand-new research study exposed that a person dose of the HPV... Read more »

How ants walking backward find their way home | Science

Spanish desert ants can find their way home while dragging food backward. Chew Chun Hian/Alamy Every day, small, red bugs called Spanish desert ants make numerous journeys from their... Read more »

Snowmageddon warnings in North America come from tropics more than Arctic stratosphere

IMAGE: The 4 United States weather condition routines (clockwise from leading left): Pacific Trough, Arctic High, Alaskan Ridge, Arctic Low. Red shows warmer conditions and blue chillier conditions view more ... Read more »