Human clinical trial recommends CRISPR feasible for fighting cancer

The results remain in from a human clinical trial including the CRISPR/Cas9 gene-editing system to deal with cancer. The research study included changing the immune cells of 3 cancer clients to much... Read more »
What is CRISPR

What Is CRISPR? How Does It Work? Is It Gene Editing?

CRISPR innovation is a simple yet potent tool for editing genomes. It permits scientists to alter DNA sequences easily and modify gene function. Its many possible applications consist of remedying hereditary defects,... Read more »

CRISPR-Edited Chickens Made Immune To A Common Virus

CRISPR genome editing has been used to make chickens immune to a common virus. The approach could boost meat and egg production globally while improving welfare. The modified chickens exhibited no signs of disease even... Read more »

China Confirms the Birth of the Third CRISPR baby through He Jiankui’s Experiments

State news agency Xinhua stated that three scientists involved—He, Qin Jinzhou  and Zhang Renli —had been detained for their involvement previously this week. The report said He was punished to three years in... Read more »
CRISPR gene editing tool

CRISPR will soon replace antibiotics

In character, the gene-editing tool Crispr protects bacteria against viruses. Now it’s being used in the battle against superbugs and the flu. Read more »
CRISPR to treat blindness

CRISPR Trials To Treat Blindness In The US

An upcoming human study will use CRISPR genome editing technique to treat an eye disorder that causes blindness. The study will be conducted in the US later this year, and for now,... Read more »
LEAPER an alternate to CRISPR

Is LEAPER a Safer Substitute to CRISPR?

The researchers from Peking University have developed a new gene-editing technique that they say could have profound effects on the treatment of certain diseases. The scientists believe that it is a CRISPR... Read more »
Denis Rebrikov wants to use CRISPR to prevent children inheriting a form of deafness

Now CRISPR Being Used To Modify Deafness Gene

Recently, Dr. He Jiaung revealed that he has produced gene-edited babies, claiming it would prevent babies from inheriting their father’s HIV. The Chinese scientist has opened the doors for other scientists who... Read more »
Dr. He giving a lecture on CRISPR babies

The 3rd CRISPR Baby

It came as a bolt in the blue when in the Second International Summit on Human Genome Editing, it was revealed that the Chinese biophysicist, ‘He Jiankui’ had brought CRISPR-edited human babies... Read more »

CRISPR Cured HIV In Mice

For the first time, scientists say they have eliminated HIV virus from the DNA of mice, a significant step in the right direction towards a difficult cure for humans. HIV is the... Read more »