How car windows work

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Beautiful footage of Liquid Rope Coil Effect

Beautiful footage of Liquid Rope Coil Effect Read more »

Styrofoam mixed with nail polish remover

Styrofoam mixed with nail polish remover Read more »

Do preprints improve with peer review? A little, one study suggests | Science

Preprints, such as those appearing on bioRxiv, have actually ended up being a fast method for researchers to share their outcomes, however they haven’t been peer evaluated. Every day,... Read more »

Lindau Nobel Laureate Meetings 2020 postponed to next year

The 70th Lindau Nobel Laureate Meeting and the 7th Lindau Meeting on Economic Sciences – both arranged for this summertime – will be postponed: The 70th Nobel Laureate Meeting... Read more »

Don’t freak out: These are the microbes living on your tongue | Science

Steven Wilbert and Gary Borisy/Forsyth Institute Microbes are all over in our guts—and in our mouths. Now, a brand-new research study exposes our tongue-house buddies aren’t all blended together... Read more »

Look better on video calls using pro photography techniques

I’m standing in the specific very same area in these 2 pictures. In the very first, the overhead light is on. In the 2nd, I’ve turned it off and... Read more »

How they stay like that?

How they stay like that? Read more »

Briggs–Rauscher oscillating reaction

Briggs–Rauscher oscillating reaction Read more »

A key development in the drive for energy-efficient electronics

A sample of the advanced product being prepared for muon spin spectroscopy. Credit: University of Leeds Scientists have actually made a development in the development of a brand-new generation... Read more »