Eucalyptus trees in our suburbs spark safety debate among scientists and citizens

Published February 21, 2020 09: 52: 41 Downed trees have actually triggered extensive disturbance for countless homeowners recuperating from serious storms in current weeks, sustaining restored debate about how... Read more »

Canberra women awaiting crucial genetic information left in limbo as BRCA breast cancer test waitlist blows out to 12 months

Upgraded February 15, 2020 12: 32: 40 Photo: Bin Barnier and her daughter Jessica face anxious waits to undergo BRCA testing. (ABC News: Peta Doherty) Bin Barnier had actually... Read more »

Scientists push to explore potential link between Motor Neurone Disease and blue-green algae

Published February 09, 2020 12: 19: 54 Photo: Lake Wyangan, near Griffith in New South Wales. (ABC News: Ben Deacon) New South Wales male Tim Trembath understood something was... Read more »

What Is CRISPR? How Does It Work? Is It Gene Editing?

CRISPR innovation is a simple yet potent tool for editing genomes. It permits scientists to alter DNA sequences easily and modify gene function. Its many possible applications consist of... Read more »

On TikTok, point-of-view or ‘POV’ videos see social media stars pretending to be your kid’s boyfriend – Science News

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The biggest myth about willpower may be that you don’t have enough of it!

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Yarrabubba crater in WA outback world’s oldest recognised impact structure – Science News

Around 2 billion years earlier when Earth was covered in ice, a meteorite knocked into what is now outback Western Australia. Bottom line crater Key points Precise dating of... Read more »

Donald Trump unleashes on Apple over not unlocking phone of Pensacola Navy base shooter

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NSW bushfires lead to deaths of over a billion animals and ‘hundreds of billions’ of insects, experts say

Upgraded January 09, 2020 15: 49: 23 Photo: Koalas often climb upwards instead of fleeing when threatened, leading to the death of around 30 per cent of the population.... Read more »

Australia’s bushfire crisis is so big that it’s useless trying to predict how blazes will behave, incident controller says

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