Anonymizing personal data ‘not enough to protect privacy,’ shows new study — LiveScience.Tech

With the very first big fines for breaching EU General Data Defense Guideline (GDPR) guidelines upon us, and the UK federal government about to evaluation GDPR standards, scientists have... Read more »

Psychologists financially ruined after joining failed counselling franchise

Upgraded July 23, 2019 10: 49: 48 Photo: Nihal Kucuk was told by the Life Resolutions co-founder that “the money you invested is gone”. (ABC News: Curtis Rodda) Related... Read more »

Research corrects decades of data and suggests that ocean warming occurred in a much more homogenous way — LiveScience.Tech

Something odd occurred in the oceans in the early 20th century. The North Atlantic and Northeast Pacific appeared to warm two times as much as the worldwide average while... Read more »

Black market in stolen card details becoming more user-friendly, leading to ‘explosion’ in fraud

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High-arousal vocalizations are understood by both humans and other species in the animal kingdom, study says — LiveScience.Tech

Exists something universal about the sounds we make that enables singing students — like songbirds — to find out how we’re feeling? Seems like it, according to brand-new research... Read more »

Parliamentary committee wants SA Government to have more power to cull overabundant species

Published July 11, 2019 06: 43: 39 Photo: The Alexandrina Council wanted to gas corellas to control “unmanageable numbers”. (Audience submitted: Rod Squire) Animals consisting of kangaroos and corellas... Read more »

Ultra-small nanoprobes could be a leap forward in high-resolution human-machine interfaces — LiveScience.Tech

Device improved human beings — or cyborgs as they are understood in science fiction — could be one action better to ending up being a reality, thanks to brand-new... Read more »

Developmental delays in premature babies may last to school age, study shows

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Wood products mitigate less than one percent of global carbon emissions — LiveScience.Tech

The world’s wood products — all the paper, lumber, furnishings and more — balance out simply 1 percent of yearly global carbon emissions by locking away carbon in woody... Read more »

Rotorua residents left homeless after steaming, spitting ‘mud volcano’ opens up in backyard

Upgraded June 28, 2019 18: 49: 17 A New Zealand household has actually been tossed out of their Whakarewarewa Town house by a sneaking swimming pool of bubbling mud... Read more »