One step closer to exploring the beginning of the universe: Designs completed for the world’s biggest telescope

Published February 26, 2019 07: 42: 06 Photo: The Murchison is one of the most radio-quiet places on earth with a legislated quiet zone of 260km. (Supplied: ASKAP, Alex... Read more »

China’s CRISPR twins: A time line of news

A lot’s taken place in the 3 months given that news broke that Chinese researcher He Jiankui had utilized CRISPR technology to develop gene-edited infants. This time line catches... Read more »

Materials with a kagome lattice pattern exhibit ‘negative magnetism’ and long-sought ‘flat-band’ electrons — LiveScience.Tech

Taking their name from an elaborate Japanese basket pattern, kagome magnets are believed to have electronic residential or commercial properties that might be important for future quantum gadgets and... Read more »

Critically endangered northern quolls may be surviving in Darwin’s northern suburbs

Published February 20, 2019 14: 29: 45 Photo: Mackay Smith found the endangered quoll in Darwin’s suburbs this week. (Supplied: Parks and Wildlife) You might be forgiven for puzzling... Read more »

We should gene-sequence cave paintings to find out more about who made them

A few of the excellent marvels of the creative world are the cave paintings in southern Europe, especially in eastern Spain. This rock art is believed to have actually... Read more »

Graphene-based wearables for health monitoring, food inspection and night vision — LiveScience.Tech

The very first of ICFO’s gadgets on display screen will enable clients to monitor their level of direct exposure to sunshine through a UV sensing unit. Developed as a... Read more »

South American lizards are breaking an evolutionary ‘golden rule’

Published February 14, 2019 16: 07: 17 Photo: Researchers have found evidence of a possible backflip from bearing live young to egg-laying in South American lizards — an evolutionary... Read more »

Developing a flight strategy to land heavier vehicles on Mars — LiveScience.Tech

The heaviest lorry to effectively land on Mars is the Interest Rover at 1 metric heap, about 2,200 pounds. Sending out more enthusiastic robotic objectives to the surface area... Read more »

Stanford will investigate its role in the Chinese CRISPR baby debacle

Authorities at Stanford University have actually opened an examination into what numerous prominent professor understood about a Chinese effort to develop gene-edited children led by a onetime scientist at... Read more »

You could be using too much toothpaste. Here’s how much Australian dentists recommend

  Do you take notice of how much tooth paste you place on your tooth brush every day? New research from the Centres for Illness Control and Avoidance (CDC)... Read more »