French adventurer Jean-Jacques Savin, 71, sets off on voyage across the Atlantic in a barrel

Published. December 27, 2018 18: 02:01 Photo: Jean-Jacques Savin hopes to complete his 4,500-kilometre journey in three months. (Facebook: Jean-Jacques Savin) A French adventurer has actually set sail for... Read more »

Holiday asteroid imaged with NASA radar — LiveScience.Tech

The December 2018 close method by the big, near-Earth asteroid 2003 SD220 has actually offered astronomers an impressive chance to acquire comprehensive radar pictures of the surface area and... Read more »

We finally know how fish swim so fast

When it pertains to swimming, fish show an uncomplicated grace and power that human beings can just imagine. While the fastest fish swim at approximately 70 miles per hour,... Read more »

‘Question-mark-shaped cloud’ left after meteor streaks across California sky

Upgraded. December 21, 2018 21: 31:07 An intense item that spotted across the sundown sky in the San Francisco Bay Location in California left a path that some referred... Read more »

Researchers use 3D computer modeling to simulate heat exchange in dinosaurs — LiveScience.Tech

Being an enormous dinosaur provided some obstacles, such as getting too hot in the Cretaceous sun and frying your brain. Researchers from Ohio University and NYITCOM at Arkansas State... Read more »

Does dark matter really cause skin cancer? Have a guess.

The majority of cosmologists think our universe is filled with weird unnoticeable things that puts in a effective gravitational force on a galactic scale. This force stops galaxies from... Read more »

Artificial intelligence disguised as a phone app to provide support for victims of domestic violence

Published. December 15, 2018 08: 39:12 Artificial intelligence disguised in a trick phone app will quickly be presented to assistance victims of domestic violence log proof and produce complicated... Read more »

Mars InSight lander seen in first images from space — LiveScience.Tech

On Nov. 26, NASA’s InSight objective understood the spacecraft touched down within an 81- mile-long (130- kilometer-long) landing ellipse onMars Now, the group has actually identified InSight’s specific area... Read more »

NASA InSight lander ‘hears’ Martian winds — LiveScience.Tech

NASA’s Interior Exploration utilizing Seismic Investigations, Geodesy and Heat Transport In Sight lander, which touched down on Mars simply 10 days earlier, has actually offered the very first “sounds”... Read more »

Global cancer study to explore link between gas anaesthesia and likelihood of relapse

Updated December09, 2018 14: 31:52 Photo: The new study will involve 5,700 cancer patients. (Flikr: Zsenko Zivkovic) Melbourne researchers will spearhead a global study to see whether the usage... Read more »