A Silicon-Nanoparticle Photonic Waveguide – Science and Technology Research News

A brand-new method to effectively assist light at small scales has actually been shown by an all-A * STAR team1. Their technique, which includes lining up silicon nanoparticles, is... Read more »

Orrery gif

Orrerygif Read more »

Army Researchers Teaching Robots to Be More Reliable Teammates for Soldiers

Researchers at the United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Research Laboratory and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University established a brand-new strategy to rapidly teach robots... Read more »

Pluto’s Spinning Moons

Pluto’sSpinning Moons Read more »

Barium Ruthenate: A High-Yield, Easy-To-Handle Perovskite Catalyst for the Oxidation of Sulfides

Figure 1. Structure and image of the BaRuO3 catalyst. Schematic representations of the face-sharing system in rhombohedral BaRuO3 and corner-sharing system in tetragonal RuO2, cubic SrRuO3, and orthorhombic CaRuO3.... Read more »

Magnetic DNA

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Darpa, Lockheed Martin Demonstrate Technologies to Enable a Connected Warfighter Network

LockheedMartin Skunk Works ® and the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) just recently carried out a series of flight tests showing how a system of systems (SoS) technique... Read more »

Global air circulation with north pole in the center – the magenta winds are called ‘Rossby Waves’

Globalair circulation with north pole in the center – the magenta winds are called ‘RossbyWaves’ Read more »

Time lapse of ant farm in gel

Timelapse of ant farm in gel Read more »

Melting Triggers Melting – Science and Technology Research News

Iceberg in front the antarctic peninsula (Photo: Thomas Ronge). The melting of glaciers on one side of the world can activate disintegration of glaciers on the other side of... Read more »