Image of the Day: Migrating Storks

Ornithologists tagged 27 juvenile birds to track the method they utilize updrafts of air heated up by the sun to move over fars away. GPS information visualization of 27... Read more »

Logic Gates [from /r/educationalgifs]

Reasoning Gates [from /r/educationalgifs] Read more »

Columbia Researchers Squeeze Light into Nanoscale Devices and Circuits

The most effective pictorial illustration of a floor plasmon polariton is when it comes to a “ripple” of electron density on the floor of graphene pattern. —Picture credit score:... Read more »

To save a dog breed, change it

Animals I’m raising the lundehund of the future. The Norwegian lundehund has an amazing history– and has actually ended up being exceptionally inbred. To wait, scientists blended it with... Read more »

Pupillary response

Pupillary action Read more »

Imec Presents Novel Organ-on-Chip Platform for Drug Screening

. . Imec, the world-leading research study and development center in nano-electronics and digital innovations, provides today at its technology online forum ITF 2018 (Antwerp, May 23-24), an unique... Read more »

A pine cone opens (time lapse)

A pine cone opens (time lapse) Read more »

One-Way Roads for Spin Currents

This is a spin chain where spin interactions are strong in the left half (orange arrows) and weak in the best half (blue arrows). A spin existing from delegated... Read more »

Opinion: We Must Demand Evidence of Peer Review

Peer evaluation differs in quality and thoroughness. Making it openly offered might enhance it. ISTOCK, TEMMUZCAN H ave you check out a paper and idea: “How could peer evaluations... Read more »

3D Reconstruction of Brain Tissue

3D Restoration of Brain Tissue Read more »