Study Takes Personal Approach to Cochlear Implant Programming

Rene Gifford, PhD, deals with client Davy Hillis to program his cochlear implant. (picture by John Russell) Vanderbilt University Medical Center just recently got a $3.9 million grant from... Read more »

When Semiconductors Stick Together, Materials Go Quantum

An approach established by a Berkeley Lab-led research study group might one day turn common semiconducting materials into quantum electronic gadgets. (Credit: A group of scientists led by... Read more »

The science of serial killers is changing, thanks to Sasha Reid

The wall of Sasha Reid’s workplace is covered with serial killers. The collection of black-and-white photos of Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer, and noteworthy others is not, nevertheless, simply an... Read more »

Neutron video of water in mini steam engine

Neutron video of water in mini steam engine Read more »

Smoothing out the Wrinkles in Graphene

The image on the right reveals a graphene sheet covered with wax throughout the substrate-transfer action. This technique dramatically decreased wrinkles on the graphene’s surface area compared to a... Read more »

Scientists Develop a Tunable Bio-Imaging Device Using Terahertz Plasmonics

Figure 1. Pictures of the spiral plasmonic structure (a) A photo of the spiral bull’s eye (SBE) structure, (b) a microscopic lense picture of the double-corrugated gadgets, and (c)... Read more »

Technique Streamlines Fabrication of 2-D Circuits

MIT scientists have actually established a technique to grow 2-D products straight onto patterned substrates (revealed here) and after that recycle the patterns for much faster, easier chip production.... Read more »

Mini Cheetah Is the First Four-Legged Robot to Do a Backflip

MIT’s brand-new mini cheetah robot is springy, light on its feet, and weighs in at simply 20 pounds. Image: Bryce Vickmark MIT’s brand-new mini cheetah robot is springy and... Read more »

The weirdest things we learned this week: counting vampires and nudist founding fathers

What’s the weirdest thing you learned this week? Well, whatever it is, we assure you’ll have an even weirder response if you listen to PopSci’s hit podcast. The Weirdest... Read more »

No Wires, More Cuddles: Sensors Are First to Monitor Babies in the NICU Without Wires

An interdisciplinary Northwestern University group has actually established a set of soft, versatile cordless sensors that change the tangle of wire-based sensors that presently monitor... Read more »