Nutritional Quality of Fish and Squid Reduced by Warm Water Events

Co- author ProfessorDavid Raubenheimer, the University of Sydney’s Leonard P Ullmann Chair in Nutritional Ecology at the Schoolof Life and Environmental Sciences andCharles Perkins Centre, stated the research study... Read more »

Superconductor track (from /r/gifs)

Superconductortrack (from/ r/gifs) Read more »

Light-Bending Nano-Patterns for LEDs – Science and Technology Research News

Nanoscale patterns developed to flex, deflect and split light can now be made straight on light- discharging diode (LED) surface areas utilizing an ingenious etching technique established by A... Read more »

Asteroids discovered since 1980

Asteroidsdiscovered since 1980 Read more »

Monkeys Eat Fats and Carbs to Keep Warm

University of Sydney scientists have actually discovered monkeys residing in the wild in cold snowy environments change their nutrient consumption to match the raised expenses of thermoregulation. China’s Quinling... Read more »

Volcanic Lightning During an Eruption [from /r/gifs]

VolcanicLightning During an Eruption [from /r/gifs] Read more »

Parkinson’s: Vitamin B3 Has a Positive Effect on Damaged Nerve Cells

Unsteady hands, stiff muscles and sluggish motions– all these are normal signs of Parkinson’s illness. Some 220,000 individuals in Germany are impacted by the illness, which ends up being... Read more »

MyHeritage Account Data Compromised in “Cybersecurity Incident”

A safety researcher discovered the e-mail addresses and encrypted passwords of greater than 92 million customers of the family tree web site on a non-public server exterior the corporate.... Read more »

The beauty of Fluid Dynamics

Thebeauty of Fluid Dynamics Read more »

A Dramatic Improvement in Electron Mobility by Using an Ultra-thin, Single-Crystalline Film of Germanium

. . . . . Cross- sectional TEM image of Ge ultra-thin film (left) and sheet electron density reliance of electron mobility in Ge thin movies (right) The scientists... Read more »