LeviPath: Acoustic Levitation

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Ultimate Precision for Sensor Technology Using Qubits and Machine Learning

An synthetic atom recognized from superconducting strips of aluminum on a silicon chip can be used for the detection of electromagnetic fields. Image: Babi Brasileiro/ AaltoUniversity There are limitations... Read more »

New 2k footage of earth from space

New2k footage of earth from space Read more »

Next-Generation Robotic Cockroach Can Explore Underwater Environments

. . . . In nature, cockroaches can make it through underwater for as much as 30 minutes. Now, a robotic cockroach can do even much better. Harvard’s Ambulatory... Read more »

Visualization of the Sun’s Magnetic Field

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Thin and Flexible Organic Photovoltaic Devices Engineered to Resist Both Mechanical and Thermal Stress

Figure 1: Photograph of 3-micrometer-thick organic solar cell that was adhered to fabric by an instantaneous hot-melt procedure. Reproduced from Ref 1. with consent from PNAS © 2018 A... Read more »

The beauty of the Lorenz System

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New Coatings Make Natural Fabrics Waterproof

Repellency of various liquids on polyester material covered with H1F7Ma-co-DVB: soy sauce (black drop), coffee (brown drop), HCl acid (leading left transparent drop), NaOH (bottom ideal transparent drop) and... Read more »

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neutrophil chasing Staphylococcus aureus

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