UA center receives $6.9 million grant to continue environmental health research in arid climates

IMAGE: Researchersin the Southwest Environmental Health Sciences Center research study the impacts of environmental direct exposures to people, especially in aridclimates see more Credit: Alli Benjamin, APR TheSouthwest Environmental... Read more »

Why the FDA Just Approved a Drug for Smallpox, Nearly 40 Years After the Disease Was Eradicated

An illustration of the smallpox infection. Credit: Shutterstock . TheFood and Drug Administration (FDA) just approved a drug for a disease that not exists … well, sort of. .... Read more »

Why baby’s sex may influence risk of pregnancy-related complicatations

Thesex of a child manages the level of little particles called metabolites in the pregnant mom’s blood, which may describe why threats of some illness in pregnancy differ depending... Read more »

Rescued from the Cave, Thai Soccer Team Gets Quarantined: Here’s Why

An ambulance leaves the Tham Luang caves on July 9, 2018. Credit: Ye Aung Thu/ AFP/Getty . The rescue operation for the Thai soccer team caught in a cave... Read more »

Medical errors may stem more from physician burnout than unsafe health care settings

Physicianburnout is at least similarly accountable for medical errors as unsafe medical office conditions, if not more so, inning accordance with a research study led by scientists at the... Read more »

Woman Declared Dead Found Alive in Morgue Fridge

. A woman in South Africa who was declared dead after a grizzly auto accident and put in a morgue fridge was in fact still alive, inning accordance with... Read more »

Non-opioid drug relieves pain in mice, targets immune cells

IMAGE: In skin biopsies from the legs of healthy individuals (left) there are plentiful sensory nerve fibers (green) however couple of macrophages (red). Meanwhile, in biopsies from clients with... Read more »

Blood test enables reading out the internal clock

IMAGE: From a single blood sample (1) cells are separated (2) and the activity of twelve time-telling genes is identified (3 ). From this, a computer system algorithm determines... Read more »

Woman’s Odd Weight Gain Turned Out to Be a 50-Pound Ovarian Tumor

Doctors eliminated a 50- pound ovarian tumor from a female in Alabama. Credit: Jackson Hospital . A lady in Alabama who could not appear to reduce weight ended up... Read more »

Lemurs can smell weakness in each other

IMAGE: Ring- trailed lemurs such as these at the Duke Lemur Center can inform that a fellow lemur is weaker simply by the natural fragrances they leave, scientists report.... Read more »