Researchers awarded for lifetime achievements in blood pressure research

IMAGE: This is teacher MorrisBrown see more Credit: Queen Mary University of London Two academics from Queen Mary University of London have actually gotten prominent awards from the International... Read more »

Woman’s Swollen Pinkie Finger Was Rare Sign of Tuberculosis

A female’s swollen finger was a rare sign of tuberculosis infection. Above, an image of the female’s finger (panel A), and a tiny view of the infection (panel B).... Read more »

More doctor visits lead to less suicide attempts for fibromyalgia patients

Fibromyalgiapatients who frequently visit their doctors are much less most likely to effort suicide than those who do not, according to a brand-new Vanderbilt University Medical Center research study... Read more »

Scientists Warn BPA-Free Plastic May Not Be Safe

. The”BPA-free” labels on plastic bottles work as a peace of mind that the item is safe to consume from. . But brand-new research study includes onto growing proof... Read more »

First evidence that soot from polluted air is reaching placenta

Paris,France: Evidence of small particles of carbon, usually produced by burning nonrenewable fuel sources, has actually been discovered in placentas for the very first time, in brand-new research study... Read more »

How bacteria play pass the parcel — and help each other evade antibiotics

IMAGE: This picture reveals kind delegated ideal teacher James Whisstock,Dr Daouda Traore, teacher Julian Rood andDr VickiAdams see more Credit: Monash University Bacteria are extremely tricky in their efforts... Read more »

People Across the Globe Feeling More Sad, Stressed and in Pain Than Ever

. The world isn’t really feeling so hot– mentally, that is. . A brand-new study of people’s day-to-day feelings discovered that, worldwide, reports of unfavorable feelings– consisting of unhappiness,... Read more »

App for Preventing Pregnancy Gets FDA Marketing Approval. Is It Reliable?

. A smart device app for preventing pregnancy has simply end up being the very first of its kind to get marketing approval from the United States Food and... Read more »

Can medical marijuana help treat intractable epilepsy?

A brand-new BritishJournal of Clinical Pharmacology evaluation analyzes the capacity of medical marijuana– or medical marijuana– for assisting clients with intractable epilepsy, where seizures cannot come under control with... Read more »

22-Year-Old Survives Rare ‘Internal Decapitation’ Injury from Crash. He Previously Beat Brain Cancer.

BrockMeister, a 22- year-old from Plymouth, Indiana, sustained an “internal decapitation” injury throughout an auto accident inJanuary Above, an X-ray of Meister’s head and neck after he had surgical... Read more »