Causes, Symptoms & Anti-Inflammatory Diet

. Inflammation is an important part of the body immune system’s reaction to injury and infection. It is the body’s method of signifying the body immune system to recover... Read more »

Mystery disease infects 100+ in US

U.S. health authorities are examining an outbreak of a strange, polio-like illness that triggers weakness in several limbs. The unusual illness– acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM– has infected 62... Read more »

First ever set of Same-Sex parents for.. a Mouse?!

For the very first time, scientists have actually developed mice with 2 moms! No male added to the rodents’ hereditary makeup. This uncommon recreation occurred in a laboratory where... Read more »

Study suggests vaping does not stain teeth

IMAGE: Top row: The staining of enamel exposed to cigarette smoke. Middle row: Minimal staining of enamel exposed to the aerosol from a Tobacco HeatingProduct Bottom row: Minimal staining... Read more »

There’s a Good Chance Your Relatives’ DNA Is Online. That Means People Can Find You, Too.

. When the infamous “Golden State Killer”– understood for a series of rapes and murders in California in the 1970 s and 1980 s– was captured last April, it... Read more »

NIH programs shed light on gene variants and their connections to health and disease

Programs supported by the National Institutes of Health are developing which genes and genomic variants contribute in human disease, allowing their usage in genomic medication and research study. NIH’s... Read more »

The HPV Vaccine Was Just Approved for Adults Up to Age 45. Should They Get It?

A licensed medical assistant in Corpus Christi, Texas, prepares a Gardasil shot. Credit: Matthew Busch for The Washington Post by means of Getty Images . The U.S. Food and... Read more »

Scoliosis linked to essential mineral

IMAGE: Zebrafish that did not have a manganese-related gene grew curved spinal columns. An failure to appropriately utilize the essential mineral manganese might be to blame for some cases... Read more »

Sink traps are surprising source of antibiotic-resistant bacteria in ICU

New York City (October 5, 2018)– During an across the country break out of healthcare-associated infections of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria, an Israeli health center traced duplicated infections of clients... Read more »

A Man Took Too Much Erectile Dysfunction Drug. Then His Vision Turned Red

. Downing a high dosage of a liquid erectile dysfunction drug provided one man in New York an unanticipated negative effects: it triggered his vision to turn, and remain,... Read more »