Cancer Cells Transformed into Harmless Fat in Mouse Study

Researchers have actually turned some cancer cells into fat cells in mice. The image left wing reveals cancer cells that radiance green due to the fact that they reveal... Read more »

What Is E. Coli?

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10 Things We Learned About the Brain in 2018

Problem: Tension might diminish the brain. That’s according to a research study released in October of this year. In the research study, scientists took a look at more than... Read more »

Study ‘Proves’ Parachutes Don’t Save People Who Fall Out of Airplanes

. You may believe that it’s much safer to leap out of a plane with a parachute than without one. However, according to science, you ‘d be incorrect. .... Read more »

Man Coughs Up a Giant Blood Clot in the Shape of His Lung

A man spent a big embolism that was in the shape of his “bronchial tree,” or the lung’s branched respiratory tract passages. Credit: The New England Journal of Medicine... Read more »

Researchers have found a new link between gut and brain.

By signaling to nerve cells in the brain, certain microbes in the gut slow a fruit fly’s walking pace, scientists report. Fruit flies missing those microbes — and that... Read more »

Rise in indicators extends positive trend for Americans with disabilities

IMAGE: Inforgraphic reveals boosts in the employment-to-population ratio and the labor involvement rate for individuals with and withoutdisabilities see more Credit: Kessler Foundation EastHanover, NJ – November 2, 2018... Read more »

People with Psoriasis More Likely to Develop Certain Gut Disorders

. Peoplewith psoriasis might be at higher danger of establishing certain gut disorders, a brand-new research study discovers. . The research study found that people with psoriasis, an inflammatory... Read more »

How hibernators could help humans treat illness, conserve energy and get to Mars

NewOrleans (October27, 2018)–Researchers will collect today to talk about the capacity for hibernation and the associated procedure, torpor, to help human health in spaceflight at the American Physiological Society’s... Read more »

High stroke impact in low- and middle-income countries examined at 11th World Stroke Congress

WHAT: 11 th World Stroke Congress unites prominent global stroke specialists and an unequaled clinical program covering public health, avoidance, intense care, healing and rehab in 100 s of... Read more »