Record-breaking flooding in Nebraska is visible from space

Guv Pete Ricketts has actually stated over half of Nebraska’s 93 counties a hot spot as record-breaking spring floods have inflamed into a disaster. “This really is the most... Read more »

The Arctic’s ticking ‘carbon bomb’ could blow up the Paris Agreement

Even in a dream-come-true circumstance where we handle to stop all the world’s carbon emissions overnight, the Arctic would undoubtedly get hotter and hotter. That’s according to a brand-new... Read more »

It’s raining on Greenland’s ice sheet. That’s a big problem.

Altering weather condition patterns have actually activated a plain modification in how Greenland is melting, according to a brand-new paper released on Thursday. By integrating information from satellites and... Read more »

The genius salad green you’re probably throwing away (no, it’s not poisonous!)

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Breathing while Black or Latino in California is disproportionately hazardous to your health

It’s clear that neighborhoods living near huge polluters have even worse air quality than other communities, however it’s been more difficult to get a grasp on the effect of... Read more »

It’s time for California to let some of its thirsty farmland go

Some half a million acres of the most efficient farming area in the world — California’s San Joaquin Valley — will have to fall fallow, a brand-new report states.... Read more »

Momentum grows for New York’s landmark climate-equity bill

Walter Cooper, a labor union leader, based on the actions of New York Municipal government to combat for new type of agreement. “We need a contract for a future... Read more »

Donald Trump and Amy Klobuchar threw down over climate change this weekend

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The House Natural Resource Committee’s climate change hearing turned into a heated conversation about race

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The Daily Show’s response to Trump’s global warming tweet is 👌

Temperature levels in parts of the Midwest and Northeast struck sub-zero today, and right on hint, President Trump took to Twitter to wax classic about “good ole global warming,”... Read more »