A bit of Wasp Anatomy

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Uber and Lyft passengers are ultra-wealthy. Will this keep cities from investing in transit?

Turns out, a great deal of Uber and Lyft users are abundant. And not simply a little abundant: According to a new report, 45 percent of their consumers in... Read more »

Should big corporations pay for clean energy? Portland voters will decide.

A brand-new tally effort in Portland would raise $30 million a year for clean energy through a tax on huge merchants. Sound uncommon? It is. The project for the... Read more »

The Best Science Photos of the Week

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Science-based policy for the national parks? Not on Zinke’s watch.

Thisstory was initially released by Reveal and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk partnership. As deputy director of the National Park Service, Michael Reynolds played an... Read more »

Move over, polar bears: Climate change has a new symbol

Climatechange has a new symbol, and it’s not melting ice floes orcharismatic megafauna Last week, scientists at Yale University and the University of Westminster published an analysis revealing that... Read more »

Think the climate change lawsuit is dead? It’s just beginning.

Anotherclimate change responsibility lawsuitappears to have died RIP. But take heart, you fine-feathered climate hawks. No male is an island, however every court is. As you might remember, in... Read more »

Faced with asthma and illness, citizens are taking air quality into their own hands

Thisstory was initially released by CityLaband is replicated here as part of the Climate Desk cooperation. Until she relocated to Fresno, California in 2003, Janet DietzKamei had actually never... Read more »

Chinese companies apparently broke an international ozone agreement. What happens next?

TheMontreal Protocol is hailed as a significant environment success. The 1987 international contract totally phased out ozone- destructive chemicals like CFC-11– previously utilized as a refrigerant– and most likely... Read more »

8 ways resigning EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt suppressed science

Thisstory was initially released by Reveal and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk partnership. EPAAdministrator Scott Pruitt, who revealed on Thursday that he is resigning, leaves... Read more »