Move Over Woolly Mammoth – There is a New Giant Dinosaur that Roamed the (Triassic) Earth!

A brand-new type of gigantic ancient herbivore would have eclipsed its family members!! Fossils discovered in Poland come from a previously undiscovered species from the Triassic period, some 237 million to 201... Read more »

Breathing new life into a 120 million-year old Bird!

In the middle of the desert in Albuquerque, New Mexico; Fossilized lungs discovered preserved within with an ancient bird might revive research studies of early bird respiration. If verified as... Read more »

Researchers have found a new link between gut and brain.

By signaling to nerve cells in the brain, certain microbes in the gut slow a fruit fly’s walking pace, scientists report. Fruit flies missing those microbes — and that... Read more »

Mystery disease infects 100+ in US

U.S. health authorities are examining an outbreak of a strange, polio-like illness that triggers weakness in several limbs. The unusual illness– acute flaccid myelitis, or AFM– has infected 62... Read more »

First ever set of Same-Sex parents for.. a Mouse?!

For the very first time, scientists have actually developed mice with 2 moms! No male added to the rodents’ hereditary makeup. This uncommon recreation occurred in a laboratory where... Read more »

A bit of Wasp Anatomy

Check out this beautiful high quality video (no sound) explaining some WASP anatomy! Switch to full screen for the best experience.  Read more »

Uber and Lyft passengers are ultra-wealthy. Will this keep cities from investing in transit?

Turns out, a great deal of Uber and Lyft users are abundant. And not simply a little abundant: According to a new report, 45 percent of their consumers in... Read more »

Should big corporations pay for clean energy? Portland voters will decide.

A brand-new tally effort in Portland would raise $30 million a year for clean energy through a tax on huge merchants. Sound uncommon? It is. The project for the... Read more »

The Best Science Photos of the Week

Each week we discover the most intriguing, remarkable and cool images. Here you’ll find 10 amazing photos and the brief headlines of stories behind them. Click on the images... Read more »

Science-based policy for the national parks? Not on Zinke’s watch.

Thisstory was initially released by Reveal and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk partnership. As deputy director of the National Park Service, Michael Reynolds played an... Read more »