What drought? These states are gearing up to draw more water from the Colorado.

Get your everyday dosage of great news from Livescience.Tech Subscribe to The Beacon Wyoming desires to customize the Fontenelle Dam so it can utilize an additional 80,000 acre-feet of... Read more »

The cover for NYT Magazine’s climate change issue is 🔥

Get your day-to-day dosage of great news from Livescience.Tech Register For The Beacon There are price-tag sticker labels all over the flooring of Pablo Delcan’s workplace. I picture a... Read more »

Are you biased against nuclear power? Yup, say scientists

In the 1970s, you couldn’t leave the Pepsi Obstacle on TELEVISION. Blindfolded males and females took sips of Pepsi and its better-known archrival without understanding which was which and... Read more »

Ryanair’s budget flights could blow the E.U.’s carbon budget

“Europe’s Greenest Airline” simply made the list of the leading E.U. environment polluters, ranked 10th after 9 coal plants. Among these things is not like the others? The E.U.-commissioned... Read more »

Congress wants to know why the incoming Interior Chief is keeping his calendar secret

This story was initially released by Mom Jones and is replicated here as part of the Environment Desk cooperation. The acting head of the Interior Department David Bernhardt states... Read more »

The problem with the ‘warm’ in global warming: Most like it hot

This story was initially released by Undark and is replicated here as part of the Environment Desk cooperation. With every incongruous 50-degree F day in Boston this winter season,... Read more »

Record-breaking flooding in Nebraska is visible from space

Guv Pete Ricketts has actually stated over half of Nebraska’s 93 counties a hot spot as record-breaking spring floods have inflamed into a disaster. “This really is the most... Read more »

The Arctic’s ticking ‘carbon bomb’ could blow up the Paris Agreement

Even in a dream-come-true circumstance where we handle to stop all the world’s carbon emissions overnight, the Arctic would undoubtedly get hotter and hotter. That’s according to a brand-new... Read more »

It’s raining on Greenland’s ice sheet. That’s a big problem.

Altering weather condition patterns have actually activated a plain modification in how Greenland is melting, according to a brand-new paper released on Thursday. By integrating information from satellites and... Read more »

The genius salad green you’re probably throwing away (no, it’s not poisonous!)

This post initially appeared in Genius Dishes on Food52. I make the exact same damn salad every night. Despite the fact that I’ve collected lots of even more tasty... Read more »