Zaria Forman draws the glaciers we’re losing

In2016, Zaria Forman got the chance of a life time. Officials at NASA connected to the Brooklyn artist– who hand draws huge, pastel landscapes illustrating polar ice– and welcomed... Read more »

America’s fastest-growing urban area is stuck between a rock and a dry place

This story was initially released by CityLab and is recreated here as part of the Climate Desk cooperation. When Latter-day Saint migrants showed up in Utah in 1847, a... Read more »

We know what the Kochs want. What about liberal foundations?

Huge charitable structures that form the environment motion administer money for renewables and energy effectiveness. However where’s the love for nuclear power, carbon capture, and geoengineering? It’s nonexistent. That’s... Read more »

Satirical ad reveals how to live luxuriously like Scott Pruitt

EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt got ridiculed in front of the country at a hearing today, when Senate Democrats took him to job over his excessive spending and alleged ethical... Read more »

For 400 months in a row, our planet has been unusually hot

Our overheating world simply reached another incredible– perhaps even huge– brand-new turning point. In a report out Thursday, NOAA confirmed that April was the 400 th successive month of... Read more »

We’re ignoring the biggest Pruitt scandal: He’s making pollution worse

It’s tough to avert from the scandals swallowing up EPA chief Scott Pruitt. The person dined with a cardinal accused of sexual abuse and demoted employees who disagreed with... Read more »

Activists head to court after shutting down pipelines. Their defense? Climate change.

The Minnesota Court of Appeals ruled on Monday that 4 anti-pipeline activists dealing with criminal charges have a legitimate case to argue the “need defense” in court. In 2016,... Read more »

Lyft pledges to cancel out the carbon from your next ride

Lyft, the ridesharing technology business, revealed Thursday that it’s balancing out the carbon emissions from its fleet by acquiring carbon offsets. Essentially, this implies the company will rake a... Read more »

Scott Pruitt’s got 99 problems but Trump ain’t one.

Rick Scott, who has actually functioned as Florida’s guv considering that 2011, hasn’t done much to safeguard his state versus the impacts of environment modification– although it’s being threatened... Read more »

Climate-friendly burgers: fact or fiction?

Here’s an insane concept: Exactly what if your love of steak wasn’t a huge ecological issue however part of a service rather? Exactly what if we could draw carbon... Read more »