This toy which utilises Lenz’s law, also known as “Feel flux”.

This toy which utilises Lenz’s law, also known as “Feel flux”. Read more »

Egyptian Night!

Egyptian Night! Read more »

Quantum interference in the service of information technology

Credit: CC0 Public Domain Researchers from the Professors of Physics, University of Warsaw, in partnership with the University of Oxford and NIST, have actually revealed that quantum interference makes... Read more »

Magnetic Poles of Refrigerator Magnets

Magnetic Poles of Refrigerator Magnets Read more »

Electrolysis of Tin (II) Chloride

Electrolysis of Tin (II) Chloride Read more »

Train vs truck

Train vs truck Read more »

Flame-cut steel

Flame-cut steel Read more »

A New Rare Metal Alloy Can Change Shape in the Magnetic Field

Scientists from Peter the Great St.Petersburg Polytechnic University (SPbPU) in collaboration with the Institute of Metallurgy and Material Science of the Russian Academy of Sciences and Leibniz University Hannover... Read more »

ATLAS Experiment finds evidence of charge asymmetry in top-quark pairs

Determined worths of the charge asymmetry (Air Conditioning) as a function of the invariant mass of the leading quark set system (mtt) in information. The green hatched areas reveal... Read more »

Bubble rings collide underwater.

Bubble rings collide undersea. Read more »