Physical properties of solids elucidated by zooming in and out of high resolution

Setup of an adaptative resolution simulation for solids. Credit: Springer. Computer system simulations are utilized to comprehend the homes of soft matter– such as liquids, polymers and biomolecules like... Read more »

The Lorenz attractor [OC]

The Lorenz attractor [OC] Read more »

Neodymium magnet on rectified vs non-rectified plasma arc

Neodymium magnet on remedied vs non-rectified plasma arc Read more »

First chip-scale broadband optical system that can sense molecules in the mid-IR

Schematic of silicon microresonator creating a frequency comb that samples particles for chemical recognition. Credit: Alexander Gaeta/Columbia Engineering. Scientists at Columbia Engineering have actually shown, for the very first... Read more »

Research reveals how order first appears in liquid crystals

Particles in liquid crystals go from a disordered assortment to more bought positioning with modifications in temperature level. However there’s proof of an intermediate state (left) where order begins... Read more »

Beautiful Example of Total Internal Reflection

Gorgeous Example of Overall Internal Reflection Read more »


Chemiluminescence Read more »

The vessel not taken: Understanding disproportionate blood flow

A brand-new direct mathematical simulation which anticipates the circulation of RBCs through the body’s networks of blood vessels. Credit: Peter Balogh. Each time a capillary divides into smaller sized... Read more »

Robotic assembly of the world’s smallest house—even a mite doesn’t fit through the door

A microhouse’s tiled roofing reveals the ion weapon’s brand-new capability to concentrate on a 300- by-300- micrometer location. Credit: FEMTO-ST Institute. A French nanorobotics group from the Femto-ST Institute... Read more »

Henon map bifurcation diagram for different values of b [OC]

Henon map bifurcation diagram for various worths of b [OC] Read more »