The complementary and elliptic properties of parabolic trajectories

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Answer the tricky chemistry question- A challenge(IF YOU CAN)

Answerthe tricky chemistry concern- A challenge(IF YOU CAN) Read more »

New materials, heated under high magnetic fields, could produce record levels of energy, model shows

Schematic representation of the E × B drift of providers in a strong magnetic field. Electrons (identified e −) and holes (identified h+) drift in the very same instructions... Read more »

How a particle may stand still in rotating space-time

When a particle with a particular angular momentum lies at the important range rest, it stays at rest while the spacetime is rotating around it. The more detailed a... Read more »

Visualising Electromagnetic Fields

Visualising Electromagnetic Fields Read more »

Dry Ice Bubble Pops

Solidified Carbon Dioxide Bubble Pops Read more »

Physical properties of solids elucidated by zooming in and out of high resolution

Setup of an adaptative resolution simulation for solids. Credit: Springer. Computer system simulations are utilized to comprehend the homes of soft matter– such as liquids, polymers and biomolecules like... Read more »

The Lorenz attractor [OC]

The Lorenz attractor [OC] Read more »

Neodymium magnet on rectified vs non-rectified plasma arc

Neodymium magnet on remedied vs non-rectified plasma arc Read more »

First chip-scale broadband optical system that can sense molecules in the mid-IR

Schematic of silicon microresonator creating a frequency comb that samples particles for chemical recognition. Credit: Alexander Gaeta/Columbia Engineering. Scientists at Columbia Engineering have actually shown, for the very first... Read more »