Family, friends bid farewell to Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking, the world-renowned physicist, passed away on March 14 at the age of76 Buddies, household and associates of British researcher Stephen Hawking will collect Saturday to pay their... Read more »

Scientists successfully print glass optics

A brand-new 3D-printing strategy, established at Lawrence Livermore, might enable researchers to print glass that includes various refractive indices in a single flat optic, making completing less expensive and... Read more »

My bridge breaking

My bridge breaking Read more »

The Belousov Zhabotinsky Oscillating Clock

The Belousov Zhabotinsky Oscillating Clock Read more »

Low pressure reduces bubble trouble

Sigurdur Thoroddsen and his group from KAUST established an experiment to check whether bubble development would be reduced at lower atmospheric pressure. The group developed a vacuum chamber geared... Read more »

Femtosecond laser fabrication—realizing dynamics control of electrons

Schematic diagram of the concept of Electrons Characteristics Control. Credit: Lan Jiang, An-Dong Wang, Bo Li, Tian-Hong Cui & & Yong-Feng Lu. Electrons characteristics manage by forming femtosecond laser... Read more »

Shockwaves propagate in a transparent resin block after a 3.5 km/s collision – counter is in nano seconds

Shockwaves propagate in a transparent resin block after a 3.5 km/s accident – counter remains in nano seconds Read more »

On par with black magic fuckery?

On par with black magic fuckery? Read more »

Chemicals track Fukushima meltdown :

Radioactive sulphur signal contributes to proof of disaster. Radiation from the harmed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan was discovered in California not long after the mishap. TEPCO... Read more »

Atomically thin light-emitting device opens the possibility for ‘invisible’ displays

Gif of the gadget in action. Probes inject favorable and unfavorable charges in the light producing gadget, which is transparent under the campanile overview, producing brilliant light. Credit: Javey... Read more »