On par with black magic fuckery?

On par with black magic fuckery? Read more »

Chemicals track Fukushima meltdown :

Radioactive sulphur signal contributes to proof of disaster. Radiation from the harmed Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power station in Japan was discovered in California not long after the mishap. TEPCO... Read more »

Atomically thin light-emitting device opens the possibility for ‘invisible’ displays

Gif of the gadget in action. Probes inject favorable and unfavorable charges in the light producing gadget, which is transparent under the campanile overview, producing brilliant light. Credit: Javey... Read more »

a promising tool for early cancer diagnostic

Credit: Université de Limoges. Sébastien Février, scientist at XLIM (CNRS/Universit é de Limoges), and his group showed that a bench-top, optical fibre-based laser source can be utilized to carry... Read more »

Slicing through metal with a thermal lance.

Slicing through metal with a thermal lance. Read more »

Mentos Versus Hydrochloric Acid(HCl) A reaction which changes the solution’s color

Mentos Versus Hydrochloric Acid( HCl) A response which alters the option’s color Read more »

Virtual hunt for solar technology yields initial results :

Theoretical screening technique produces very first sample particle as scientists evaluate 3.5 million prospects for solar batteries. Organic solar batteries are less effective than their silicon equivalents, however ccould... Read more »

Diagnosing breast cancer using red light

Schematic Diagram for OM Instrument: 7 pulsed lasers sequentially light up the compressed breast; sent light is discovered by the 8-channel SiPM probe and the TDC gets the signal.... Read more »

Visual representation of the 4th dimension

Graph of the Fourth measurement Read more »

Know about facts of tea powder adulteration.How does this chemical reaction occurs ??

Understand about realities of tea powder adulteration.How does this chain reaction takes place ?? Read more »