The sky this week for July 13 to 22

Friday,July 13 TheSouthern Delta Aquariid meteor shower continues to increase thisweek The shower will not peak till completion of July, however you must see a few of its meteors... Read more »

Drifting away from the mysterious Mimas (X-post from /r/spaceporn)

Driftingaway from the mysterious Mimas (X-post from/ r/spaceporn) Read more »

NASA finds fragmented remnants of Beryl, located west of Bermuda

IMAGE: NASA’s Aqua satellite evaluated the fragmented thunderstorms connected with the remnants of Tropical Storm Beryl on July 13 at 2: 05 a.m. EDT (0605 UTC) and saw coldest... Read more »

In a Rare Feat, Scientists Anticipate and Recover an Incoming Asteroid

We have swarms of scientists browsing the skies for space quirks, however it’s rare that they in fact discover one in the act of plunging to Earth. OnJune 23,... Read more »

Saturn V stabilised footage

SaturnV stabilised footage Read more »

Keeping kidney stones at bay during space flights

A brand-new, pain-free, non-invasive treatment that utilizes ultrasound technology to rearrange kidney stones, in an effort to use the victim fast relief, will go through screening in emergency situation... Read more »

The fate of giant planets depends on where they grow up

Astronomers normally concur that planets form out of the dirty particles disks that surround most newborn stars. When one of these so-called protoplanetary disks turns around a nascent star,... Read more »

NASA’s GPM satellite obtains excellent views of Beryl’s remnants

As the remnants of previous cyclone Beryl moved through the northern Leeward Islands and Puerto Rico, the Global Precipitation Measurement objective or GPM core satellite collected crucial rains information... Read more »

Dust Devil (MRO HiRISE)

DustDevil (MRO HiRISE) Read more »

The sky this week for July 6 to 15

Friday,July 6 . TheBig Dipper’s familiar shape lies high in the northwest as darkness falls these July nights. One of the summer season sky’s finest binocular double stars marks... Read more »