Facebook needs ‘very high standard’ for Libra coin: US Treasury

US Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin stated Facebook will require to reveal its brand-new digital currency Libra will not harm the US or international monetary system Facebook needs to satisfy... Read more »

Emotion-detecting tech should be restricted by law – AI Now

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption Impact-acknowledgment systems declare to be able to discover an individual’s underlying emotion A leading research study centre has actually required brand-new laws to... Read more »

Our Large, Adult Galaxy Is As Massive As 890 Billion Suns

Our house galaxy has a brand-new, super-precise mass measurement: about 890 billion times the mass of our sun. That’s 3.9 tredecillion pounds. (1.8 tredecillion kgs), a tredecillion being a... Read more »

U.S. scientists who hide foreign ties should face research misconduct sanctions, panel says | Science

Davide Bonazzi/Salzman Art U.S. scientists who break federal government guidelines on revealing foreign research ties should be examined for research misconduct, says an independent group of popular scientists asked... Read more »

What’s creating thousands of craters off the California coast? | Science

Sonar images expose a huge crater at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean. © 2019 MBARI SAN FRANCISCO, CALIFORNIA—Just off the coast of California, thousands of craterlike anxieties, some... Read more »

Flu Season Is Off to an Early (and Weird) Start

Flu season is here, and it’s off to an unusual start. The very first uncommon aspect of this year’s flu season is how early it showed up. There are... Read more »

How real-world science sets The Expanse apart from other sci-fi shows | Science

The spaceship Rocinante reaches the exoplanet Ilus in The Expanse. Amazon Prime Video On 13 December, Amazon Prime will air the 4th season of The Expanse, a hardboiled space... Read more »

The Universe Remembers Gravitational Waves — And We Can Find Them

Gravitational waves slosh throughout deep space as ripples in space-time produced by a few of the most catastrophic occasions possible.  With centers like the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory (LIGO)... Read more »

Should aging lab monkeys be retired to sanctuaries? | Science

Bush, a cynomolgus macaque, was a research study monkey at Princeton University for almost 20 years. David Kelly Crow WINAMAC, INDIANA—It’s been a long roadway to retirement for Bush... Read more »

Huawei says it plans to invest $3.1 billion in Italy

Huawei—a leader in next-generation 5G wireless technology—is subject to United States sanctions over issues about its ties to the federal government in Beijing Chinese tech giant Huawei stated Monday... Read more »