Russia Says It Will Keep Source of Hole (and Air Leak) on Soyuz Secret— But NASA Wants to Know: Report

Amidst reports that the Russians will keep the cause of an air leakage found at the International Spaceport Station in 2018 trick, NASA Administrator Jim Bridenstine has actually assured... Read more »

Grad student unions dealt blow as proposed new rule says students aren’t ‘employees’ | Science

Graduate students at Columbia University went on strike in 2018 after the university declined to acknowledge their union. AP Photo/Bebeto Matthews By Katie LanginSep. 20, 2019 , 4: 45... Read more »

Scientists Can’t Agree on Whether Genetically Modified-Mosquito Experiment Went Horribly Wrong

From 2013 to 2015, an English biotech business launched countless genetically customized mosquitoes into communities in Jacobina, Brazil, in an effort to decrease the variety of native disease-carrying mosquitoes.... Read more »

Can the world make the chemicals it needs without oil? | Science

By Robert F. ServiceSep. 19, 2019 , 9: 45 AM Black, gooey, oily oil is the beginning product for more than simply transport fuel. It’s likewise the source of... Read more »

French parliament adopts EU copyright reform

The lower home of France’s National Assembly is the very first nationwide legislature to accede to the brand-new copyright legislation authorized by the European Union The French parliament on... Read more »

Stephen Hawking Was Wrong. Black Holes Are Bald.

Back in 2017, a gravitational wave sounded throughout Earth like the clear tone of a bell. It extended and crushed everyone, ant and clinical instrument on earth as it... Read more »

Why the U.S. Census Bureau could have trouble complying with Trump’s order to count citizens | Science

President Donald Trump desires more accurate information on those homeowners—adult citizens—who are qualified to vote. Drew Angerer/Getty Images By Jeffrey MervisSep. 16, 2019 , 12: 50 PM President Donald... Read more »

Data on almost every Ecuadorean citizen leaked

Image copyright Getty Images Image caption The data appears to have actually been utilized to assist target marketing Individual data about almost every Ecuadorean citizen has actually been discovered... Read more »

Why Don’t Newborns Have Tears or Sweat?

Upon going into the world, a newborn discharges a loud, unique cry — an indication of health and vitality. It’s a cry that brand-new moms and dads will rapidly... Read more »

First peanut allergy treatment gains backing from FDA advisory panel | Science

By Jennifer Couzin-FrankelSep. 13, 2019 , 5: 15 PM After 8 hours of controversial conversation, an advisory committee to the U.S. Fda (FDA) today backed the efficiency of a first-of-its-kind... Read more »