Can You ‘Catch’ Cancer or Obesity from Other People?

Our forefathers of yore were afflicted by reoccurring bouts of malaria, lethal tuberculosis infections, continuous syphilis break outs and bacteria-laced injuries that never ever recovered. However equipped with vaccines... Read more »

This is the oldest scorpion known to science | Science

Parioscorpio venator (left) had a pulmonary-cardiovascular system comparable to modern-day scorpions. The thoraxes of modern-day scorpions (center and right) were utilized to analyze the internal anatomy of the fossils.... Read more »

New SARS-Like Virus in China May Spread Between People in Limited Cases

The new virus in China that is inflicting an outbreak of pneumonia might be able to unfold between folks below sure circumstances, though the danger of such transmission seems... Read more »

Brain parasite may strip away rodents’ fear of predators—not just of cats | Science

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Nutria: The Invasive Rodents of Unusual Size

Nutria, likewise called coypu or overload rats, are big rodents that reside in locations with lots of freshwater.  These mammals are belonging to South America and were presented into... Read more »

Yada yada… Scientists name new virus after Seinfeld catchphrase | Science

Joey Delvalle/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images How do you inform the world that your discovery of a new virus isn’t that huge an offer? Simple: You name it “Yada yada,”... Read more »

As ransomware rages, debate heats up on response

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Researchers: Are we on the cusp of an ‘AI winter’?

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Iran Plane Crash Wreckage Spotted from Space (Satellite Photos)

This annotated image, caught by Maxar Technologies’ WorldView-1 satellite on Jan. 9, 2020, reveals particles from the Ukrainian airliner that crashed in Iran a day previously, eliminating all 176... Read more »

Mystery virus found in Wuhan resembles bat viruses but not SARS, Chinese scientist says | Science

“Plenty of people are working on the outbreak,” says Xu Jianguo, head of an examination committee recommending the Chinese federal government. Xu Jianguo SHANGHAI—A brand-new coronavirus recognized by Chinese... Read more »