This ice-covered Icelandic volcano may emit more carbon dioxide than all of the country’s other volcanoes combined | Science

USGS/NASA Landsat information Despite being mainly smothered by a glacier averaging 200 meters thick, one of Iceland’s biggest and most active volcanoes still handles to belch remarkably big amounts... Read more »

Should All Nobel Prizes Be Canceled for a Year?

. If you ever fulfill somebody who declares to have almost won the Nobel Prize in mathematics, leave: You’re handling a deeply delusional person. While there isn’t really, and... Read more »

Metaresearchers study how research is done—and why it goes wrong | Science

Given the billions of dollars the world buys science each year, it’s unexpected how couple of scientists study science itself. But their number is proliferating, driven in part by... Read more »

German league launches eSports tournament for Bundesliga clubs

The DFL state top 36 clubs in Germany’s very first and 2nd Bundesliga departments have the opportunity to play off to be the German club champ in eFootball Bundesliga... Read more »

How China’s GPS ‘rival’ Beidou is plotting to go global

Image copyright GettyImages Image caption Beidou’s protection is broadening quickly, with more than 10 satellite launches in2018 China has aspirations for its quickly broadening Beidou satellite navigation system to... Read more »

How Do You Dispose of a Dead Whale? (Hint: Not in a Tiny Dumpster)

Big whales cleaning ashore produce logistical obstacles, as the city of Rye, New Hampshire, learnt the difficult method. Read more »

Trump’s biodefense plan aims to improve coordination across agencies | Science

TheWhite House hopes to reinforce the nation’s biodefense by much better collaborating the activities of numerous federal government agencies. mediaphotos/iStockPhoto In an effort to reinforce the United States federal... Read more »

Asteroid Hides Behind Sparkling Spiral Galaxy in This Dazzling Telescope View

TheEuropean Southern Observatory’s (ESO) Very Large Telescope (VLT) in Chile has a hectic observation schedule, however in some cases cloudy or moonlit skies indicate a short-term stop to clinical... Read more »

Drug combo shows promise for treating sleep apnea | Science

People with sleep apnea frequently turn to makers that require air into their throats as they sleep, however a little trial recommends 2 drugs integrated might provide a pharmaceutical... Read more »

Digital assistants hone skills to deliver the news

Credit: CC0 PublicDomain “What’s the news?” has actually ended up being a familiar refrain for customers with clever speakers, opening a brand-new channel for publishers however likewise raising issues... Read more »