A woman’s bladder ‘brewed’ its own alcohol, tripping drug test

When a lady in Pennsylvania required a life-saving liver transplant, she consistently ran up versus one vexing issue: She kept screening favorable for alcohol — which disqualified her from... Read more »

White House formally invites public comment on open-access policies | Science

iStock.com/bboserup Originally published by E&E News The White House released a notification Wednesday looking for comment on its effort to improve public access to federally financed research study. It’s... Read more »

Why was whaling so big in the 19th century?

In the mid-1800s, a seafarer called Charles Nordhoff discovered himself on the deck of a ship, layered head to toe in the fat of a just recently dispatched whale.... Read more »

Top stories: Tracking the Himalayan wolf, trusting science, and finding our ‘ghost’ ancestors | Science

(delegated right): GERALDINE WERHAHN/ HIMALAYAN WOLVES PROJECT; VLAD TCHOMPALOV/UNSPLASH; NATURAL HISTORY MUSEUM, LONDON/SCIENCE SOURCE High-altitude genes could turn Himalayan wolves into a new species In the high meadows of... Read more »

In Paris, cars forced to make way for the two-wheel revolution

Less expensive than an Uber, faster than the city, e-scooters have actually been grabbed by Parisians With the wind hurrying through their hair, they zip previous on bikes, electrical... Read more »

Sexual misconduct legal battle raises questions about microbe researcher’s work | Science

Researcher Jeff Leach has actually studied the microbiome of the Hadza individuals of Tanzania.  © GULF NEWS, DUBAI A scientist famous for his work on the microbiomes of hunter-gatherers... Read more »

World’s richest person, Jeff Bezos gives $10 billion to fight climate change

The fight versus climate change is getting a huge infusion of money. The world’s richest person, Amazon.com creator Jeff Bezos, revealed on Monday (Feb. 17) that he’s beginning a... Read more »

Ring doorbell makes two-factor verification mandatory

Image copyright Ring Ring, Amazon’s video doorbell system, has actually presented extra actions to the method users visit to their accounts. Users will require to go into a password... Read more »

Electric bacteria create currents out of thin—and thick—air | Science

An artist’s conception of a nanowire power plant. Ella Maru Studio Generating electrical power from thin air might seem like science fiction, however a brand-new technology based upon nanowire-sprouting... Read more »

Madagascar’s bizarre aye-aye has 6 fingers on each hand, scientists discover

The aye-aye is among nature’s most fascinatingly bizarre animals. Belonging to Madagascar, this lemur is the biggest nighttime primate worldwide and has distinct functions that set it apart. It... Read more »