For some multiple sclerosis patients, knocking out the immune system might work better than drugs | Science

Blood stem cells (portrayed here, yellow, in bone marrow) regrowed the immune system after chemotherapy in a brand-new trial for multiple sclerosis. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/Science Source In multiple sclerosis... Read more »

Nike’s phone-controlled self-lacing trainers – BBC News

Image copyright Nike Image caption The shoe, which has actually is linked to a mobile phone app which will save healthy choices. Nike has actually released self-lacing trainers, which... Read more »

Physicists Built a Machine That Breaks the Normal Rules of Light

. Physicists have actually built a ring in which pulses of light whip circle each other and the normal rules that govern light’s habits no longer use. . Under... Read more »

Astronomers still can’t decipher the ‘Cow,’ a mysterious explosion in deep space | Science

AT2018 cow, the right-hand of 2 brilliant areas down and right of the stellar center, is puzzling astronomers. R. MARGUTTI/W. M. KECK OBSERVATORY SEATTLE, WASHINGTON– An abnormally brilliant radiance... Read more »

See Far Side of the Moon in Amazing Panorama from China’s Chang’e 4 Lander

China’s Chang’e 4 moon lander on the far side of the moon took this scenic view of its environments in Von Karman crater, revealing its rover Yutu-2 close by.... Read more »

The bacteria in your gut may reveal your true age | Science

Bacteroides are the most typical bacteria types discovered in the human digestive system. Dennis Kunkel Microscopy/Science Source The billions of bacteria that call your gut house may aid control... Read more »

Spinning Black Holes Could Open Up Gentle Portals for Hypersonic Spacecraft

For extra-large, spinning black holes, the singularity that a spacecraft would need to compete with would be extremely gentle. Credit: Aaron Stone/Shutterstock . Among the most treasured science- fiction... Read more »

Canadian telescope finds mysterious radio flashes from deep space | Science

A brand-new Canadian radio telescope in British Columbia has actually currently bagged 13 mysterious radio bursts. Andre Renard/Dunlap Institute/CHIME Cooperation SEATTLE, WASHINGTON– A brand-new Canadian radio telescope, not yet... Read more »

NREL details great potential for floating PV systems

Floating PV being set up in Walden, Colorado. Credit: Dennnis Schroeder/NREL National Renewable Resource Lab (NREL) scientists approximate that setting up floating solar photovoltaics on the more than 24,000... Read more »

Hyundai shows off ‘walking car’ at CES

Image copyright Hyundai Hyundai has actually revealed off a little design of an automobile it states can trigger robotic legs to stroll at 3mph (5km/h) over rough surface. Likewise... Read more »