The sky this week for July 13 to 22

Friday,July 13 TheSouthern Delta Aquariid meteor shower continues to increase thisweek The shower will not peak till completion of July, however you must see a few of its meteors... Read more »

A Silicon-Nanoparticle Photonic Waveguide – Science and Technology Research News

A brand-new method to effectively assist light at small scales has actually been shown by an all-A * STAR team1. Their technique, which includes lining up silicon nanoparticles, is... Read more »

Orrery gif

Orrerygif Read more »

The cameras that know if you’re happy – or a threat

Image copyright Affectiva Image caption Affectiva states its algorithms can discover covert feelings in facial expressions. Facial acknowledgment tech is ending up being more advanced, with some companies declaring... Read more »

Drifting away from the mysterious Mimas (X-post from /r/spaceporn)

Driftingaway from the mysterious Mimas (X-post from/ r/spaceporn) Read more »

The Jenga Master

TheJenga Master Read more »

Triple Point: liquid freezes and boils at the same time

TriplePoint: liquid freezes and boils at the same time Read more »

Faced with asthma and illness, citizens are taking air quality into their own hands

Thisstory was initially released by CityLaband is replicated here as part of the Climate Desk cooperation. Until she relocated to Fresno, California in 2003, Janet DietzKamei had actually never... Read more »

How a sheep is sheared

Howa sheep is sheared Read more »

Army Researchers Teaching Robots to Be More Reliable Teammates for Soldiers

Researchers at the United States Army Research, Development and Engineering Command Research Laboratory and the Robotics Institute at Carnegie Mellon University established a brand-new strategy to rapidly teach robots... Read more »