World’s First Commercial iPSC Cell Plant Opens in Japan

The $340 million, 30,000- square-foot center will produce cells for restorative applications. Human caused pluripotent stem cells CHRISTINE HALE, WIKIMEDIA A pharmaceutical business based in Osaka, Japan, opened a... Read more »

IQ is a really flawed concept

T oo a lot of us utilize the terms “IQ” and “intelligence” as if they’re interchangeable. They’re not. An IQ rating isn’t really a wonderful signifier of smarts; it... Read more »

Having trouble with making a smooth gif – any tips here? I’ve never had an issue with this before – too many frames maybe?

Having difficulty with making a smooth gif – any suggestions here? I’ve never ever had a problem with this prior to – a lot of frames possibly? Read more »

Additional therapy after surgical removal of rare tumors may not increase survival

CINCINNATI– Outcomes of an analysis from the University of Cincinnati (UC) College of Medication reveal that extra treatment, or adjuvant treatment, provided after surgical elimination of an unusual kind... Read more »

Constellation Orion – star spacings in a more universal context

Constellation Orion – star spacings in a more universal context Read more »

Femwave Endometrial Ablation Microsulis – 3D medical animation

Femwave Endometrial Ablation Microsulis – 3D medical animation Read more »

Viagra for … Cancer Prevention? Mouse Study Has Surprising Results

. The “little blue tablet” might one day have an unexpected usage: as a cancer avoidance drug. . Early research study in mice recommends that little dosages of sildenafil,... Read more »

New NIST Service: Extending Traceable Measurements Inside the Human Body

Test option in capillary tube, with magnetic resonance information on screen in background. NIST scientist Katy Keenan with a phantom. The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is... Read more »

NASA sees Tropical Cyclone Nora become a hurricane

IMAGE: On March 23 at 12: 36 a.m. EDT (0436 UTC) a noticeable picture of Hurricane Nora was obtained from the VIIRS instrument aboard NASA-NOAA’s Suomi NPP satellite as... Read more »

US plant scientists seek united front

Released online 13 September 2011 | Nature 477,. 259 (2011). | doi: 10.1038/477259 a. Academic community and market sign up with forces to take ten-year strategy. Collaborated research study... Read more »