AI Offers Hope for Earlier Screening for Type 1 Diabetes

Some 1.25 million Americans experience type 1 diabetes (T1D), an autoimmune illness defined by antibodies in the blood versus insulin-producing cells made by the pancreas1. The precise reason for the illness... Read more »

The Big Bang Theory: How the Universe Began

The Big Bang theory represents cosmologists’ finest efforts to rebuild the 14 billion year story of the universe based upon the sliver of presence noticeable today. Various... Read more »

Time is running out to pass New York’s Community Climate Protection Act this session

Get your daily dose of good news from Livescience.Tech Subscribe to The Beacon On Tuesday, hundreds of protesters stormed the halls of the New York State Capitol building in... Read more »

Ebola makes much-feared jump into Uganda | Science

Regardless of security efforts like these at the border of the 2 nations, Ebola has actually leapt from the Democratic Republic of the Congo to Uganda. Matt Taylor/World Health... Read more »

High resolution imagery of Mercury’s solar transit

High resolution imagery of Mercury’s solar transit Read more »

Antennas of Flexible Nanotube Films an Alternative for Electronics

Metal-free antennas made of thin, strong, flexible carbon nanotube films are as effective as typical copper antennas, according to a brand-new research study by Rice University scientists. Picture by... Read more »

Brachistochrone via stochastic gradient descent with isochrones

Brachistochrone via stochastic gradient descent with isochrones Read more »

Acetylene Blast

Acetylene Blast Read more »

A platform for Africa’s mobile innovators

Africa’s Talking, which uses designers voice and text functions to contribute to their options, uses around 160 individuals and is scaling rapidly around Africa. Credit: Africa’s Talking Sam Gikandi... Read more »

Nokia Extends Commitment to Network Security for the 5G World

Releases DFSEC 2.0: a boosted security program to address the crucial security requirements of 5G large location networksOpens “Future X Security” Lab (FXSec): a brand-new security end-to-end screening and... Read more »