New mystery discovered regarding active asteroid Phaethon

IMAGE: The FATE+ objective is set up to examinePhaethon view more  Credit: NAOJ Based on a new research study of how near-Earthasteroid Phaethon shows light at various angles, astronomers... Read more »

ESO’s VLT sees `Oumuamua getting a boost

IMAGE: This artist’s impression reveals the very first interstellar item found in the Solar System, ‘Oumuamua Observations made with ESO’s Very Large Telescope, the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, and... Read more »

Researchers find last of universe’s missing ordinary matter

IMAGE: A simulation of the cosmic web, or scattered tendrils of gas linking galaxies throughout deep space. view more  Credit: NASA, ESA, E. Hallman (CU Boulder) Researchers at the... Read more »

20 years keeping an eye on R Aquarii

IMAGE: This is an picture of the R Aquarii nebula taken with the Nordic Optical Telescope (NOT) at the Observatory of Roque de los Muchachos (ORM) in LaPalma Colours... Read more »

Engineers solve excessive heat removal from NASA’s Webb Telescope

How will NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope shed the heat created by its science instruments and their supporting electronic devices? To anybody who is not an engineer or researcher,... Read more »

Supercomputer astronomy: The next generation

IMAGE: With a theoretical peak efficiency of 3.087 petaflops, ATERUI II is the world’s fastest supercomputer for astrophysical simulations. view more  Credit: NAOJ ProfessorEiichiro Kokubo, the CfCA Project Director... Read more »

Here is what it looks like, when a massive black hole devours a star

. NEW COMPUTER SYSTEM DESIGN:Dr Jane Lixin Dai, theoretical astrophysicist and assistant teacher andProf Enrico Ramirez-Ruiz, both from the DARK Cosmology Center at the Niels Bohr Institute, University of... Read more »

Mars rocks may harbor signs of life from 4 billion years ago

Iron- abundant rocks near ancient lake websites on Mars might hold essential hints that reveal life when existed there, research study recommends. Theserocks – which formed in lake beds... Read more »

Astronomers observe unprecedented detail in pulsar 6,500 light-years from Earth

IMAGE: The pulsar PSR B1957+20 is seen in the background through the cloud of gas covering its brown dwarf star buddy. view more  Credit: Dr. Mark A. Garlick; Dunlap... Read more »

NASA’s new planet hunter snaps initial test image, swings by Moon toward final orbit

NASA’s next world hunter, the Transiting Exoplanet Study Satellite (TESS), is one action better to looking for brand-new worlds after effectively finishing a lunar flyby on May17 The spacecraft... Read more »