Oncotarget DOT1L inhibition is lethal for multiple myeloma due to perturbation

IMAGE: DOT1L inhibition is lethal for a subset of MM cell lines. (A) Effect of SGC0946 at various concentrations on the development and practicality of 3 delicate (upper 2 rows)... Read more »

Protecting DNA origami for anti-cancer drug delivery

IMAGE: A schematic demonstrating how “alkyne ” reactive groups integrated into peptoid series finishing the DNA origami can conjugate with fluorophore-labeled nanocargo (such as trastuzumab) that have actually been customized... Read more »

Gold nanoparticles detect signals from cancer cells

IMAGE: Gold nanoparticle technology can detect cancer extracellular blisters in a blood sample view more  Credit: University of Queensland An unique blood test that utilizes gold nanoparticles to detect cancer... Read more »

ACC cardio-oncology course showcases research, treatments for cancer patients with heart disease

The American College of Cardiology will host the 4th Advancing the Cardiovascular Care of the Oncology Patient course in Washington on Feb. 14-16, combining leading specialists in both cardiology... Read more »

$18 million gift will expand whole-person care for patients and families facing cancer

IMAGE: Dr. Victoria Mann Simms and Ronald Simms have actually long been enthusiastic about advancing integrative medication, a technique that cares for the client as an entire individual. see more ... Read more »

Vitamin E acetate in products used by the first cases of EVALI in New York State

A new research study released on 24 January 2020 in the journal Toxics offers crucial insight into the current lung intoxication epidemic described as “e-cigarette or vaping product use-associated... Read more »

Virus used in gene therapies may pose cancer risk, dog study hints | Science

Adeno-associated infections like this one are removed of their own genes to provide restorative human DNA into individuals, however some researchers fear the presented DNA might develop cancer-triggering anomalies.... Read more »

Women with single dose of HPV vaccine gain similar protection as multiple doses

IMAGE: Study authors Ashish Deshmukh, PhD, MPH; and Kalyani Sonawane, PhD. see more  Credit: Photo by Maricruz Kwon/UTHealth A brand-new research study exposed that a person dose of the HPV... Read more »

Fujitsu Laboratories and Aichi Cancer Center in Japan Sign Comprehensive Joint Research Agreement to Drive Advances in Cancer Genomic Medicine with AI Technology

Utilizing AI technology to simplify details analysis and contribute to development in an emergent, yet crucial frontier of medical science Fujitsu Laboratories Ltd. and Aichi Cancer Center(1) have actually effectively... Read more »

What protects killer immune cells from harming themselves?

White blood cells, which launch a harmful potion of proteins to eliminate malignant and virus-infected cells, are secured from any damage by the physical homes of their cell envelopes,... Read more »