Nano-kirigami: ‘Paper-cut’ provides model for 3D intelligent nanofabrication

IMAGE: Macroscopic paper-cuts in a paper sheet and nano-kirigami in an 80- nm thick gold movie. view more  Credit: Institute of Physics Kirigami(likewise called “paper-cuts” or “jianzhi”) is among... Read more »

Kirigami-inspired technique manipulates light at the nanoscale

CAMBRIDGE,Mass – Nanokirigami has actually taken off as a field of research study in the last couple of years; the method is based upon the ancient arts of origami... Read more »

‘Dancing’ holes in droplets submerged in water-ethanol mixtures

IMAGE: This is a bead of ionic liquid (Red) with active holes (white holes) in a water-ethanol solvent (Blue). The holes move themselves inside the IL bead. view more ... Read more »

How smart technology gadgets can avoid speed limits

IMAGE: Researchers at Chalmers University of Technology have actually found why there is a speed limitation on how quick the homes of light can be altered with the aid... Read more »

Russian and Korean scientists developed effective and cheap sound-absorbing nanofoam

IMAGE: This is the preliminary nanopowder of nanomagnetite (Fe 3 O 4) with a particular area of 70 m2/g. view more  Credit: FEFU press workplace The development product decreases... Read more »

Army plans to license nanogalvanic aluminum powder discovery

IMAGE: Army scientist Anthony J. Roberts includes one gram of aluminum nano powder to urine to release hydrogen throughout a chain reaction. Researchers engineering the nano powder at the... Read more »

Squeezing light at the nanoscale

IMAGE: Nano- discs serve as micro-resonators, trapping infrared photons and creating polaritons. When lit up with infrared light, the discs focus light in a volume countless times smaller sized... Read more »

Transparent, conductive films promising for developing flexible screens

IMAGE: The scientists utilized a method called colloidal lithography to produce a silver nanopattern that carries out electrical power while letting light through the holes. The brand-new transparent electrode... Read more »

NASA funds Rutgers scientists’ pursuit of the origins of life

IMAGE: Iron- and sulfur-containing minerals discovered on the early Earth (greigite, left, is one example) share an extremely comparable molecular structure with metals discovered in contemporary proteins (ferredoxin, right,... Read more »

Scientists develop material that could regenerate dental enamel

IMAGE: Close- up of the enamel- likematerial see more Credit: Alvaro Mata Researchers at Queen Mary University of London have actually established a brand-new method to grow mineralised products... Read more »