A pigment from ancient Egypt to modern microscopy

IMAGE: Egyptian blue: the scientists acquired the nanosheets from this powder. view more  Credit: University of Goettingen Egyptian blue is among the earliest manmade colour pigments. It embellishes, for example,... Read more »

3D hierarchically porous nanostructured catalyst helps efficiently reduce CO2?

IMAGE: Fabrication treatments of different gold nanostructures through proximity-field nanopatterning (PnP) and electroplating methods. view more  Credit: Professor Seokwoo Jeon and Professor Jihun Oh, KAIST KAIST scientists established a three-dimensional... Read more »

Protecting DNA origami for anti-cancer drug delivery

IMAGE: A schematic demonstrating how “alkyne ” reactive groups integrated into peptoid series finishing the DNA origami can conjugate with fluorophore-labeled nanocargo (such as trastuzumab) that have actually been customized... Read more »

Supercomputers drive ion transport research

IMAGE: Scientists are utilizing supercomputers to assist comprehend the fairly uncommon occasion of salts in water (blue) travelling through atomically-thin nanoporous membranes. A passing through chloride ion (peach) causes charge... Read more »

Engineers mix and match materials to make new stretchy electronics

IMAGE: With a new method, MIT scientists can peel and stack thin movies of metal oxides — chemical substances that can be developed to have distinct magnetic and electronic homes.... Read more »

Detection of very high frequency magnetic resonance could revolutionize electronics

IMAGE: Jing Shi is a teacher in the Department of Physics and Astronomy at UC Riverside. view more  Credit: I. Pittalwala, UC Riverside. RIVERSIDE, Calif. — A group of physicists... Read more »

Designer-defect clamping of ferroelectric domain walls for more-stable nanoelectronics

A UNSW research study released today in Nature Communications provides an interesting action towards domain-wall nanoelectronics: an unique type of future electronic devices based upon nano-scale conduction courses, and... Read more »

FEFU scientists participate in development of ceramic materials that are IR-transparent

IMAGE: FESEM images of Y2O3?MgO composite SPS ceramics sintered at 1100 (a), 1200 (b), 1250 (c) and 1300°C (d) view more  Credit: FEFU press workplace Scientists from Far Eastern Federal... Read more »

Big Plans to Save the Planet Depend on Nanoscopic Materials Improving Energy Storage

The difficulty of constructing an energy future that maintains and enhances the planet is a huge endeavor. However everything hinges on the charged particles moving through undetectably little materials.... Read more »

Atomic-scale manufacturing method could enable ultra-efficient computers

IMAGE: Researchers reworded the binary information in the very first line of a 24-bit memory selection (leading image, red arrow) utilizing particles of hydrogen to encode the letter “M ”... Read more »