A Silicon-Nanoparticle Photonic Waveguide – Science and Technology Research News

A brand-new method to effectively assist light at small scales has actually been shown by an all-A * STAR team1. Their technique, which includes lining up silicon nanoparticles, is... Read more »

FDA tries to take the reins on regulating cultured meat | Science

Fried “chicken” from cells grown in tradition by Memphis Meats. Memphis Meats COLLEGE PARK, MARYLAND—There could also be a turf battle on between two U.S. federal businesses over who... Read more »

The ‘Iceman’s’ last meal was a high-fat feast | Science

SOUTH TYROL ARCHAEOLOGY MUSEUM/EURAC/M. SAMADELLI In1991, hikers in the Italian Alps came across a dead body. But this was no normal John Doe case: The guy had actually been... Read more »

Melting Triggers Melting – Science and Technology Research News

Iceberg in front the antarctic peninsula (Photo: Thomas Ronge). The melting of glaciers on one side of the world can activate disintegration of glaciers on the other side of... Read more »

Ecology and AI – Science and Technology Research News

It’s poised to change fields from earthquake forecast to cancer detection to self- driving automobiles, and now researchers are releasing the power of deep knowing on a brand-new field–... Read more »

Biomedical charity places major bet on ‘bold’ research to win bigger payoffs | Science

TheWellcome Trust, whose head office marries old and modern-day structures, prepares a future loaded with high-risk, high-reward research. View Pictures/ NICK GUTTRIDGE/VIEW/Newscom The world’s second-biggest personal funder of medical... Read more »

Top stories: cycling and climate change, hidden pharma payments, and cursing surgeons | Science

(delegated right): istock.com/claudio.arnese; Stephan Schmitz; istock.com/OSTILL 36 years of bike race footage reveals how Belgium’s climate is changing Green- thumbed grannies the world over have actually seen a troubling... Read more »

A fence built to keep out wild dogs has dramatically altered the Australian landscape | Science

Simon King/MindenPictures SouthernAustralia’s Strzelecki Desert is house to 2 extremely various landscapes: a location of 10- meter-high dune with spots of thick woody shrubs, and– simply a couple of... Read more »

Watch how battles with bats give moths their flashy tails | Science

Bats and their victim remain in a consistent arms race. Whereas the winged mammals house in on pests with frighteningly precise finder, a few of their victim– such as... Read more »

A koala’s diet would kill most mammals. Their genome reveals how they survive | Science

Rob D/500 px Imagine having the ability to smell or lick a piece of cheese and right away understand its dietary worth. That’s what koalas do when they forage... Read more »