The genes that make squid eyes also make your legs | Science

Koenig Laboratory PROVIDENCE—Looking a squid in the eye is strangely like searching in a mirror. Squids, octopuses, and other cephalopods are on an extremely various part of the tree... Read more »

Anthrax-carrying flies follow monkeys through the forest | Science

Mark Bowler/Science Source Human Beings aren’t the just primates flies follow around. The bugs tail monkeys, too, according to a brand-new research study, and they can bring fatal pathogens... Read more »

Beat the Heat | Science and Technology Research News

University of Utah mechanical engineering partner teacher Mathieu Francoeur has actually found a method to produce more electrical power from heat than believed possible by producing a silicon chip,... Read more »

In a first, a Japanese spacecraft appears to have collected samples from inside an asteroid | Science

Engineers and service technicians in Sagamihara, Japan, cheer for Hayabusa2’s effective 2nd goal on the asteroid Ryugu. ISAS/JAXA  Japan’s Hayabusa2 effectively finished its 2nd goal on the asteroid Ryugu and most likely... Read more »

Trump White House shelves ‘adversarial’ review of climate science | Science Originally published by E&E News The proposed White House panel that would carry out an “adversarial” review of climate science is dead in the meantime, as President Donald... Read more »

Adding 1 billion hectares of forest could help check global warming | Science

This is where the world could support brand-new forests. The map leaves out existing forests, city locations, and farming lands. J. Bastin, et. al., Science 365, 76, 2019 Global... Read more »

Converting carbon dioxide into gasoline, and ‘autofocal’ glasses with lenses that change shape on the fly | Science

: N. Padmanaban et al., Science Advances 2019 Chemists have actually long understood how to convert carbon dioxide into fuels—however up previously, such procedures have actually been too costly... Read more »

Australia continues to see steady drop in new HIV infections | Science

Aggressive promo of prophylactic usage has actually assisted curb HIV infections in Australia. This huge prophylactic in Sydney became part of a 2014 awareness project. SAEED KHAN/AFP/Getty Images Australia... Read more »

Energy-Harvesting Nanomaterials Created Cool | Science and Technology Research News

A few of the huge quantity of lost energy that devices and gadgets release as heat might be regained utilizing an economical nanomaterial established at KAUST. This thermoelectric nanomaterial... Read more »

Aviation’s dirty secret: Airplane contrails are a surprisingly potent cause of global warming | Science

Airplane contrails have actually been discovered to increase heat in the upper environment. NurPhoto/Contributor/Getty Images The air travel market has actually long been slammed for its big ecological footprint,... Read more »