This is the oldest scorpion known to science | Science

Parioscorpio venator (left) had a pulmonary-cardiovascular system comparable to modern-day scorpions. The thoraxes of modern-day scorpions (center and right) were utilized to analyze the internal anatomy of the fossils.... Read more »

Brain parasite may strip away rodents’ fear of predators—not just of cats | Science

Etienne Outram/Alamy Stock Photo Toxoplasma gondii puts in a weird sort of mind control on rodents: Once contaminated with the brain parasite, they appear to lose their fear of... Read more »

Yada yada… Scientists name new virus after Seinfeld catchphrase | Science

Joey Delvalle/NBCU Photo Bank/Getty Images How do you inform the world that your discovery of a new virus isn’t that huge an offer? Simple: You name it “Yada yada,”... Read more »

Mystery virus found in Wuhan resembles bat viruses but not SARS, Chinese scientist says | Science

“Plenty of people are working on the outbreak,” says Xu Jianguo, head of an examination committee recommending the Chinese federal government. Xu Jianguo SHANGHAI—A brand-new coronavirus recognized by Chinese... Read more »

‘National pride is at stake.’ Russia, China, United States race to build hypersonic weapons | Science

High in the sky over northwestern China, a wedge-shaped unmanned automobile separated from a rocket. Cruising along at up to Mach 6, or 6 times the speed of noise,... Read more »

Virus used in gene therapies may pose cancer risk, dog study hints | Science

Adeno-associated infections like this one are removed of their own genes to provide restorative human DNA into individuals, however some researchers fear the presented DNA might develop cancer-triggering anomalies.... Read more »

Novel human virus? Pneumonia cases linked to seafood market in China stir concern | Science

Health authorities in Wuhan, China, think that unusual pneumonia cases in some way came from in a regional seafood market. sleepingpanda/ Stoking worries that a novel infection might have... Read more »

A warning from ancient tree rings: The Americas are prone to catastrophic, simultaneous droughts | Science

Ongoing dry spell has actually dried up a lagoon near Santiago, Chile. RODRIGO GARRIDO/REUTERS/Newscom  For 10 years, main Chile has actually been grasped by unrelenting dry spell. With 30%... Read more »

Chinese scientist who produced genetically altered babies sentenced to 3 years in jail | Science

He Jiankui, at a Hong Kong conference in November 2018 where he provided his work, has actually not been seen in public ever since. ANTHONY KWAN/BLOOMBERG/GETTY IMAGES He Jiankui,... Read more »

How ants walking backward find their way home | Science

Spanish desert ants can find their way home while dragging food backward. Chew Chun Hian/Alamy Every day, small, red bugs called Spanish desert ants make numerous journeys from their... Read more »