Record number of monkeys being used in U.S. research | Science

Rhesus macaques are amongst the most popular nonhuman primates used in biomedical research. AP Photo/BrennanLinsley Thenumber of monkeys used in U.S. biomedical research reached an all-time high in 2015,... Read more »

Are wild monkeys becoming a reservoir for Zika virus in the Americas? | Science

A Brazilian research study discovered Zika virus in lots of wild marmoset monkeys, which might enter into a threatening transmission cycle for people. Leszek Leszczynski/WikimediaCommons (CC BY 2.0) Whenthe... Read more »

Martian dust devils may create rare rocket fuel ingredient | Science

University of Arizona/ JPL-Caltech/ NASA TheRed Planet is an abundant source of perchlorates– chemical substances utilized in fertilizer and rocket fuel that are seldom formed naturally onEarth Now, laboratory... Read more »

Virtual reality could show others what autism feels like—and lead to potential treatments | Science

As part of a virtual reality simulation, this daily scene has actually been misshaped with a few of the numerous impacts– too much exposure, blur, improved edges, increased contrast,... Read more »

What a massive database of retracted papers reveals about science publishing’s ‘death penalty’ | Science

Nearlya years earlier, headings highlighted a troubling pattern in science: The number of posts retracted by journals had actually increased 10- fold throughout the previous 10 years. Fraud represented... Read more »

Recovery of famous treasures raises hopes of more finds in Brazilian museum’s ashes | Science

Luzia’s skull is in pieces due to the fact that the glue that held it together melted under the heat, however the damage was less than anticipated. CARL DE... Read more »

Giant study links DNA variants to same-sex behavior | Science

A study of numerous thousands of individuals exposed 4 hereditary variants that were more typical in individuals who reported a minimum of one circumstances of same-sex sexualbehavior DeoSum... Read more »

Climate change doubters are finalists for Environmental Protection Agency Science Advisory Board | Science

JohnChristy (left) is amongst the prospects for the Environmental Protection Agency’s Science Advisory Board. MIKE THEILER/UPI/NEWSCOM Originally published by E&E News Finalistsfor the EnvironmentalProtection Agency’s (EPA’s) Science Advisory Board... Read more »

Sea-level rise could drown dozens of Mediterranean heritage sites | Science Homes, services, and seaside facilities aren’t the only things threatened by sea-level rise: A brand-new research study recommends almost 80% of World Heritage sites along the Mediterranean coast... Read more »

New climate report actually understates threat, some researchers argue | Science

HoesungLee (center), chair of the IntergovernmentalPanel on Climate Change, went over a new report on restricting international warming throughout an interview in Incheon, South Korea, on 8 October. Ahn... Read more »