Scientists share the most dangerous things they work with

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When faced with tough choices, your brain secretly tips the scales

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Zero is just 1,500 years old. Before it, there was nothing.

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Uncapping a New Therapy – Science and Technology Research News

Changing off the enzyme that includes protective caps to chromosome ends might assist battle lots of kinds of cancer, A * STAR scientists have actually revealed. The group showed... Read more »

I built a smell machine to protect dogs

↑ Jennifer Day, biologist at the University of Washington at Seattle Each year, poachers traffic countless lots of prohibited wildlife items through the world’s greatest ports. Detector dogs like... Read more »

‘A Three-Player Game’ – Science and Technology Research News

From delegated right: Yanxian Lin, Songi Han, Yann Fichou Image Credit: SONIA FERNANDEZ Amongst the significant difficulties of studying Alzheimer’s illness and other dementia- associated brain conditions: modeling and... Read more »

What is a super blood wolf moon?

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Sound-Based Touch Input Technology for Smart Tables and Mirrors

( from left: MS prospect Anish Byanjankar, Research Study Assistant Teacher Hyosu Kim and Teacher Insik Shin). Time passes so rapidly, particularly in the early morning. Your hands are... Read more »

Fabrication of Shape-conformable Batteries Based on 3D-printing Technology

Figure 1.Fabrication of shape-conformable batteries based on 3D-printing technology and the application of polyaniline carbon nanofiber cathodes and wearable electronic gadgets. (from left: Dr. Bok Yeop Ahn, Dr. Chanhoon... Read more »

Like other animals, humans have a breeding season—and it’s right now

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